Appellate Representation

Few would argue the importance of having experienced attorneys at the trial level. Experience at the appellate level is just as critical. The opportunity to present your case is measured, limited to a principal brief, a reply brief if you are the initiating party, and, only occasionally, oral argument. The appellate attorneys of Kightlinger & Gray, LLP have the experience necessary to effectively handle an appeal. We routinely handle appeals at all levels in the state and federal courts, with over 200 appeals resulting in reported and memorandum decisions. We have also served as amicus (friend of the Court) counsel in a number of high profile decisions.

Experience is important when deciding whether to initiate an appeal. An argument may have merit at the trial level, but, given the standard of review that the appellate court will employ, may not be a basis for success on appeal. Moreover, trial counsel may lack the objectivity necessary to properly evaluate the chance of success on appeal. Experienced appellate counsel will be able to view the facts in an objective manner and apply the appropriate standard of review to determine whether an appeal should be initiated. When it comes time to present the argument, experienced counsel can weed out arguments that have little chance of success and focus on those arguments that are most favorable to your position.

We handle appeals in all of the areas of law that the firm practices.



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