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Kightlinger & Gray, LLP’s Product Liability attorneys coordinate the handling of litigation involving a vast array of products for its clients. We have the experience and training to navigate the often choppy waters of product liability litigation, from initial investigation, to product failure analysis, litigation, ongoing claim, and through evaluation. We routinely assist clients from the inception of claims with the direction of incident investigations, recommendations regarding expert witnesses, and the crucial issue of evidence preservation. Throughout the litigation process, our products liability team advises clients concerning the relative strengths and weaknesses a claim presents, including factual, legal, and practical considerations so that the earliest possible resolution can be achieved. Given the complexities of product-related litigation, clients can rest assured that careful analysis of both the cost and benefit of each facet of handling the products claim will be considered and included in every recommendation regarding the defense of a claim. The team of products liability attorneys represents numerous manufacturers, business entities, and others involved in the manufacture, distribution, sale, or service of many distinct products.

We are dedicated to understanding everything about a given product’s instructions, warnings, operation, and maintenance to accurately assess a client’s exposure and identify competent defenses when a product-related claim goes to litigation. Comprehensive discovery tactics and ensuring that the handling attorney’s knowledge about a given product is thorough and highly developed is one of the crucial commitments that we make to clients.

The product liability attorneys have extensive experience analyzing and evaluating a vast array of products including:

  • Drugs
  • Medical devices
  • Household appliances
  • Commercial and industrial equipment
  • Aviation-related devices
  • Food products
  • Toxic products
  • Fire-related and catastrophic losses

The product liability attorneys have a long history of providing immediate fire-related and other catastrophic loss investigative assistance to clients, which can prove critical to getting the right experts to a scene inspection and ensuring the preservation of critical evidence. A good relationship with experts in a variety of disciplines enables the attorneys to provide quick and accurate claim assessment and recommendations to clients regarding necessary expertise, exposure, and ongoing investigative needs.

Our experience allows us to assist the client regarding product testing, identification of applicable codes and standards, and finding the weaknesses in the opponent’s analysis from a technical/scientific basis, as well as from a factual/legal basis. We have decades of considerable experience in understanding how a vast array of products function. This background includes memberships in a variety of trade and professional organizations dedicated to the defense of product liability claims. Being active in these organizations allows us to have access to a variety of experts in numerous disciplines.

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